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Integrating Local Anesthetics into an Opioid Sparing Pain Management Protocol
Presenter: Dr. Stuart Lieblich
Sponsor: Pierrel Pharma
Tue  5/11/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Tue  5/11/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
Dentists have an important role to play in the opioid crisis. It is estimated that over 40% of a young adult’s first prescription of an opioid comes from a dentist. This group of patients are the most susceptible to developing an addiction to these drugs. This CE webinar will discuss the various issues of pain management and control with a focus at eliminating the need for opioids. It starts with initial management of pain by effective local anesthetic administration. The utilization of local anesthetic agents such as articaine have been shown to reduce the initial pain. This is then augmented with longer acting agents combined with non-steroidal and acetaminophen systemic administration. By using strategies currently available in practice dentists can work to be part of the solution to the opioid epidemic.

Making It Perfect! Adjusting and Cutting Through Zirconia Crowns
Presenter: Dr. Martin Jablow
Sponsor: Microcopy
Thu  5/13/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Thu  5/13/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
Adjusting and cutting into Zirconia crowns should be a simple process but little mistakes can give catastrophic results. Knowing the differences in burs and the proper way to adjust zirconia crowns can make the difference between a positive result or the need for a remake.

Aerosols in Dentistry: The Continuing Story of Respiratory Protection
Presenter: Mary Govoni, CDA, RDA, RDH, MBA
Sponsor: Halyard
Mon  5/17/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Mon  5/17/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
All through the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, dental professionals have struggled with the issue of exposure to airborne infectious disease. Supplies of surgical masks and respirators have been in short supply. Guidance from regulatory agencies has been confusing at times. And dental practices want to provide care for their patients in a safe environment. This CE webinar will discuss the latest OSHA regulations and CDC guidance for respiratory protection during aerosol-generating procedures as well as the provide an update on all types of respiratory protection, training requirements and creating a respiratory protection plan for a dental practice.

Vital Pulpal Therapy for the Primary Dentition
Presenter: Dr. Carla Cohn
Sponsor: Bisco
Tue  5/18/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Tue  5/18/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
The objective of vital pulp therapy for primary dentition is to maintain the integrity and health of teeth and the surrounding tissues. Pulp therapy in primary dentition includes pulp caps and pulpotomies. New and reliable materials with predictable outcomes have recently become available. These materials make the treatment of pulpally involved teeth faster, easier, and more effective. Join this webinar as I will review diagnosis of teeth that are candidates for vital pulp therapy, different methods of vital pulp therapy and effective pulp therapy materials. In this CE webinar, Dr. Cohn will share several clinical cases and discuss step by step procedures using resin modified calcium silicate materials in vital pulp therapy for primary teeth.

Revolutionizing Composite Dentistry: How Key Fundamentals Lead to Predictable and Consistent Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Burton
Sponsor: Young Innovations
Wed  5/19/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Wed  5/19/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
In this CE webinar I will share some fundamentals of diagnosing, preparation design, and placement technique. I will also share some key tools that are critical in allowing dentists to broaden their horizons in direct composite restorations. Ultimately resulting in better outcomes, more consistent results, greatly improved efficiency, and a more confident dentist.

Featured On-Demand CE Webinars

Hybrid Indirect Blocks: CAD/CAM Materials That Mill Fast, Look Great & Fit Exceptionally Well!
Presenter: Dr. Sam Halabo
Sponsor: VOCO America
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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This CE webinar will review hybrid indirect blocks and their use in the dental CAD/CAM arena. These materials continue to impress with their ability to allow dentist to perform beautiful restorations with speed, accuracy and efficiency. Longevity of these hybrid blocks will also be discussed. The attendees will also learn about cementation of these lab-quality materials for excellent long-term results.

Thinking Outside the Box
Presenter: Dr. Elliot Mechanic
Sponsor: DMG America
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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In this CE webinar, we will cover the following: • How to achieve an accurate bite registration • Accuracy in implant impressions • Registration of a CR bite • Creative immediate implant stabilization and temporization • Taking a quad-tray impression the easy way!

Like a Fine Wine, Glass Ionomer Restoratives Keep Getting Better
Presenter: Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz
Sponsor: GC America
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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Just when you think glass ionomers have reached the pinnacle of what they can do, new technologies emerge! This one-hour CE webinar will describe how glass ionomer restorative materials bond to teeth and how they are useful in caries management. Latest advancements of glass ionomer technology will be discussed and the clinical indications for many types of glass ionomer materials will be described.

Featured Podcast Episodes
Series: COLTENE CE Credits: 0.5
Guest: Dr. Lundon Albrecht
Dental podcast hosted by Dr. Phil Klein: Our guest is Dr. Lundon Albrecht, a key opinion leader and consultant for Coltene (a global dental manufacturer). He has lectured internationally to dentists on the subject of composite veneers and a broad array of topics related to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Albrecht has an innovative mind and is constantly seeking ways to improve dentistry for the patient and the dentist.

Series: Bisco CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Rolando Nunez
Dental podcast hosted by Dr. Phil Klein: This Viva Podcast will discuss recommended etching techniques and materials that help diminish post-op sensitivity. Our guest is Dr. Rolando Nuñez, currently the Manager of Clinical Affairs for BISCO, Inc. with a dental degree from Central University of Venezuela and a MSc. degree in Biomaterials from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Series: GC America CE Credits: 0
Guest: Dr. Todd Snyder
Dental podcast hosted by Dr. Phil Klein: Thanks for joining us for this Viva Podcast, "I just graduated dental school. What's next?" To give us an intelligent perspective on this, I'm happy to introduce our guest Dr. Todd Snyder, a popular speaker on Viva Learning.com, a cosmetic dentist, author, international lecturer, researcher and instructor at various teaching facilities.

You can reach Dr. Snyder at www.aestheticdentaldesigns.com and www.drtoddsnyder.com. More information on Dr. Snyder's training: www.legion.dentist

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